Eco-Friendly FAQ

As with all event planning at the Niagara Folk Arts Festival, we keep the environment as a concern, and continue to implement green thinking solutions to help us reduce our environmental impact.  As a small not-for-profit, we are limited by our budget, but that doesn’t limit us from thinking creatively.

Some ideas we have implemented:

  • To reduce car emissions to travel to the events, we always try to have our events at sites that are along bus routes and within a reasonable range to bicycle to the event, and we have offered preferred parking at our events to vehicles that have three or more passengers.
  • We use and encourage others to use bio-degradable food containers and cutlery.
  • We use and encourage others to use and bring re-useable water bottles and if possible, have water re-filling stations for our volunteers.
  • We have set up an organics collection program set up within our events
  • We actively recycle and have partnered in the past with the Eco-Defenders group, which resulted in creating only one bag of garbage to landfill, for the entire three day event.
  • We have increased our on-line information presence, in an effort to reduce hard copies of our marketing material and the process to create them.  When we do have hard copy items, we use recyclable materials.

What about the Asian Water Lantern Event 2022?

The Chippawa Park Pond in Welland site (  was specifically chosen to accommodate those with Accessibility and sensor/auditory concerns as well as it directly lends itself to meeting our environmental plans to reducing impact.

We experimented with the lanterns and they last approximately four hours in the water before they begin to breakdown. The event lanterns will be in the man-made contained pond (not a river) water for about 30 minutes, at which time they will be physically removed and placed in recycling bins, or taken home by the attendees.

This plan, created with guidance from the City of Welland Parks Staff, and is in addition to all lanterns being inspected by our volunteers to see if pieces fell off and needed to be retrieved. None did in previous years.

We are very proud of our Up-cycle Banner Bags, with a goal of diverting 200lbs of waste from landfill by creating reusable tote bags. (Please see the Up-Cycle Banner Bag story button below)

  • That 90% of the event lighting was purposely chosen to be solar powered.
  • This year we are using repurposed wood to create some decor pieces.
  • Part of our Volunteer training does include environmental mindfulness.

The Niagara Folk Arts Festival is aware that improvements can continuously be made, from year to year and from event to event.  We are always excited to invite environmentally focused volunteers to this or any other Niagara Folk Arts Festival event. For more information, please email